Week 7

We begin with a quote from Saint Peter Julian Eymard on devotion to Mary.

“Without Mary, we shall never find Jesus, for she possesses Him in her heart. There He takes His delight, and those who wish to know His inmost virtues, to experience the privilege of His intimate love, must seek these in Mary. They who love that good Mother find Jesus in her pure heart. We must never separate Jesus from Mary; we can go to Him only through her. I maintain, moreover, that the more we love the Eucharist, the more we must love Mary. We love all that our friend loves; now, was ever a creature better loved by God, a mother more tenderly cherished by her Son, than was Mary by Jesus? O yes, our Lord would be much pained if we, the servants of the Eucharist, did not greatly honor Mary, because she is His Mother! Our Lord owes everything to her in the order of His Incarnation, His human nature. It is by the flesh that she gave Him that He has so glorified His Father, that He has saved us, and that He continues to nourish and save the world by the Blessed Sacrament.”

This week’s challenge is to pray one set of Mysteries of the Holy Rosary at least once weekly. Ideally, you will build towards praying the Rosary every day. We hear from Padre Pio that  “The Rosary is the weapon for these times.” And our Lady of Fatima asks us to pray the Rosary every day. Our Lady’s intercession is indispensable to advancing in love of God. She is our mediatrix and the sole dispenser of all graces as given to her by Jesus. The surest path to imitation of the perfections of Jesus’ meek and humble Sacred Heart is through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Week 7 Challenge Summary

Pray one set of Mysteries of the Holy Rosary at least once weekly. Consider praying the Rosary daily and joining the Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary. (Review Holy Rosary Primer)

You may enroll in the confraternity here.

Primers For This Week

(suggested but optional)

  1. The Holy Rosary
  2. Mental Prayer and Spiritual Reading
  3. The Spiritual and Psychological Value of Frequent Confession
  4. Daily Examen and Predominant Passion
  5. Mortification and Fasting

Readings For This Week

  1. The Need to Understand the Church’s Teaching on the Holy Eucharist
  2. How the Holy Eucharist is a Triple Sacrament
  3. Training Catholics in Eucharistic Doctrine

Discussion Questions

  1. In simple terms, how do we do the will of God? Have you found that as your intellect is sharpened regarding the mystery of faith of the Real Presence that you’re more easily able to conform your will to God’s Will? 
  2. In the most needlessly overeducated country in the world, why is it more important than ever to clearly grasp the truths of your faith? 
  3. How can you better fulfill your moral obligation to “go and make disciples” in your home, parish, and workplace? 
  4. Why is frequent Holy Communion indispensable for your living of the Law of Love?
  5. Are you consistently receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation, monthly at the very least, even if not in a state of mortal sin? If not, why?
  6. What must lie at the heart of your preparation to train others in the mystery of the Real Presence?
  7. How can you be a better apostle of the Real Presence in your home, especially when it comes to the formation of your spouse, children, parents, or siblings in the mystery of the Real Presence?
  8. Do you feel called to this week’s spiritual challenge, and do you have a plan to undertake it?